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I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) living in the beautiful resort town of Sandpoint, Idaho.  My passion is to help Moms reclaim their health, energy and happiness by focusing on nutrition to bring their body to optimal wellness.            

As a certified Nutritional Therapist, I believe the human body is designed to heal itself – you just need to give it the right tools.  I search for the root causes of what is/are creating your symptoms.  These may be food intolerance’s, hormone imbalances, blood sugar imbalances, or digestive issues, to name a few.  Or they may be due to things like stress or sleep issues.  Together we will sort through the conflicting and sometimes misleading dietary information that is out there.  Food is information for your body.  It is not about counting calories, a magic diet, or a quick fix.  I will share with you the benefits of creating a lifestyle which consists of eating a whole food, nutrient dense and properly prepared diet.  Together we will look at what is the ideal diet for YOU at this time in your life based on what nutrients your body needs NOW.  I promise, you will get to enjoy delicious, nutritious, real foods…the foods that your body has been asking for and that will satisfy your taste buds and your body’s nutritional needs.

I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to health & wellness.  I will help you assess all areas of your life and together we will address the root cause.  From one Mother to another, I understand the amazing role you play in the world and know how hard it is to take care of YOU without feeling guilty.  But you need to give yourself some self-love in order to take care of your family.  I look at you as a whole person with unique needs and customize a plan to fit those needs.  Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase your energy, achieve better sleep, overcome sugar and other cravings, learn healthier eating habits, or address health concerns that continue to interrupt your life, nutritional therapy can help.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a science-based, holistic approach to wellness that considers digestion, blood sugar balance, mineral balance, fatty acid balance, hydration and a nutrient rich, whole foods diet as foundations of optimal health.  Using real food as medicine, nutritional therapy focuses on the proper absorption of nutrients from our food as the key to gaining vitality and wellness.  This foundational approach to nutrition aims to balance the body by addressing the root causes of chronic problems that can prevent weight loss, corrupt energy levels, and keep us from being our healthiest selves.  It is not about diagnosing or treating a specific disease.  It is using Nutritional Therapy to provided clients with specific nutrition recommendations to restore balance and create optimal wellness within the body.

How it works…..

You might be wondering HOW do I get to know you better and help you figure our what your body needs? Well, I use a variety of assessment tools that include but are not limited to: an in-depth health history, food journal, nutritional assessment questionnaires, a hands-on functional evaluation and lingual-neuro testing.

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