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Want to treat your health conversations like you are having coffee with a friend?

A friend who listens.  A friend who understands the life as a busy Mom.  We might talk about food.  We might talk about stress and sleep {yes, I know we Moms get very little of this}.  We might talk about your job.  We might talk about hormones and digestion.  We are talking about LIFE my friend and it is ALL connected.  Together, we will determine what your body needs.  We are all different.  Food, lifestyle, genetics play a different role in each one of us.  I believe in bio-individuality.  This is not a “one sizes fits all” approach to your health.  This means we will look at what YOUR body needs to function at its best.

You might be wondering HOW do I get to know you better and help you figure our what your body needs? Well, I use a variety of assessment tools that include but are not limited to: an in-depth health history, food journal, nutritional assessment questionnaires, a hands-on functional evaluation and lingual-neuro testing.


Untitled design (2) Health History Consultation

We discuss your health and nutrition history while digging deeper into your concerns and goals.  You get a chance to be heard and share your story.  I share my beliefs around nutrition and explain the tools I use to help you achieve your optimal wellness goals.




Untitled design (1)Food Journal

A five day food journal will give me a good idea of how you can improve your current nutrient intake.  This allows you to share the foods you are eating and any additional supplementation that you are currently taking. I will use this journal and take into account your lifestyle, food loves, and schedule to make suggestions on how you can begin making nutrient dense additions or adjustments to you diet right away.



IMG_3374Complete Nutritional Questionnaire

This is an online health questionnaire that assess your complete physical health from digestion to hormones to vitamins and minerals and everything in between.  It helps me to pinpoint any potential nutritional deficiencies, organ stress and system imbalances while allowing me to make dietary and supplementation recommendations.



Untitled design (3)Hands On Functional Evaluation

The functional evaluation consists of a series of palpations and other clinical assessments (such as pulse, blood pressure, salivary pH, etc) that will help me to identify specific nutritional deficiencies in your body.  The tests were selected by the founders of the Nutritional Therapy Association following the research of a variety of functional medicine practitioners including Dr. Frank Chapman, Dr. George Goodheart, Dr. Robert Ridler, and Dr. Terrance Bennett, to name just a few. The evaluation is not invasive and not painful, however I do look for a tenderness rating for each reflex and palpation point.  The Functional Evaluation is not used therapeutically. Rather, it is a tool used for assessment, to gather information.    It allows me, the practitioner, to use the innate wisdom of the body to show where it is experiencing distress/imbalance and what it needs to be in balance.


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The Plan & Nutritional Recommendations

Together we will establish a “plan of action” to help you to reach your health goals and address your concerns.  I will provide you with a comprehensive plan including dietary recommendations, nutritional supplement protocol, hand-outs and book recommendations, as necessary.  We will also establish some short term and long term goals. We will also schedule your next follow-up session.



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